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January 28, 2010
For Windows systems running Matlab, an auto-install script is now available. It will download, unzip, install, the files as well as modify the Matlab search path to include the new files. For users updating old versions, the install script will prompt the user for how to treat old files so you don't over-write your modifications.

Version 2.6 Available

January 27, 2010
Version 2.6 corrects severe bugs in 2.5 that motivated us to take it off the market. Version 2.6 extends support to windows-format ascii files and corrects a bug in listspec.m. Unfortunately, the added functionality further slows the already sluggish file parser. We are working feverishly to address the problem in a way that will not affect compatibility.

What is HOT?

HOT is a collection of data including a wide variety of species and Matlab/Octave-compatible functions that access them. The package includes functions for calculating enthalpies, entropies, and molecular weights of mixtures, and includes tools to add your own data.

For more information, please feel free to browse the documentation links. Text coppies of the README are also packaged with every download.

Authored by Christopher R. Martin
Virginia Active Combustion Control Group
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Virginia Tech